La Maison on Telfair

La Maison on Telfair

La Maison on Telfair

Where do you start when you have absolutely nothing but good things to say about a place and it is your absolute favorite restaurant? I forget why or how I happened to eat here the first time back in 2000/2001 but I fell in love with it immediately. The pink paint is a little strange for it’s surroundings but that is just one of the things that makes La Maison stand out in Augusta. Chef Heinz Sowinski has had a very distinguished career and we’re happy he decided to make Augusta his home. Although the menu boasts a $16-$25 price range, it’s easy to spend around $100+ per person by the time it’s all said and done but I promise you won’t regret a single penny.

My favorite is the 7 course tasting dinner which consists of an appetizer, soup, salad, sorbet, entree, cheese course and dessert.

Here are my (usual) choices:

  1. Appetizer – Smoked Ostrich Carpaccio with arugula, vine-ripe tomato, Parmigiana Regiano shavings, misted with truffle oil
  2. Soup – Lobster Bisque. If you think you’ve had any better then you need to have Chef Heinz’
  3. Salad – Always a toss up between the Goat Cheese and Mediterranean
  4. Entree – I’ve had all of his standards and even a few that are no longer on the menu but it seems like my favorite is the Veal Scallopini Marsala with wild mushroom ravioli, marsala porcini mushroom cream sauce and goat cheese
  5. Dessert – Assorted Fresh Berries with Chambord liquor. I love the fact that he has an option for those of us who detest sweets.
  6. Sorbet and Cheese – are whatever Chef Heinz has selected that day…. and they’re never wrong.

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