Manuel’s Bread Cafe

Since deciding to do this blog, we wanted to go someplace we had never been. That’s tough to do on a Sunday at brunch, especially with a 9 year old in tow as they often have really light palate. We chose Manuel’s for the location (right across the river in North Augusta, SC) and for the menu that was available online. We had only been to Hammond’s Ferry once and it was when they were first developing the neighborhood (because it really is a neighborhood).


The first thing that stands out at this intersection are the 3 first-floor businesses that will most likely be the cornerstone of the development. Understanding that success of an establishment not only comes from the food and quality of service but location, location, location you can tell that Manuel has definitely learned a thing from his father-in-law (I swear it’s only a coincidence that the previous post is about him). The streets are narrow but parking is available on the street side much like neighborhoods from old inner cities. The quaint charm of it all was almost too much to take in.

We entered and were immediately greeted and seated by a smiley 20-something. We failed to notice the heaters and blankets outside on the patio or we’d have sat outdoors. It was just a bit too brisk and windy for the girls to do so otherwise. 😉

The cake case at the door of the restaurant makes you want to immediately skip all things savory, but just look up to the chalkboard menus featuring all the specials of the day. There’s sure to be something there that catches your eye and probably something you’ve never tried before. The decor is cozy with a limited seating area. Before we finished, the restaurant was full with the patio slowly filling as well. Reservations are recommended unless you’re just lucky with your timing as we were.

Eric had the Sériole Eggs Benedict with a bowl of fresh fruit, a special for brunch that day. The hollandaise sauce was fabulous. I was skeptical about the addition of the fish to the dish but it was amazing. The portion size appeared a little small at first but was a perfect amount for brunch.

Sarah had the Créme Brulée French Toast with a Bellini. Both are standard menu items. The French toast was impressive with an interesting flavor from the creme brulee mixture.  The bellini could have been mixed a bit more and the home fries could have been a little warmer, but it was a delicious dessert-for-breakfast plate.

Jillian (Sarah’s daughter) had the Croissant breakfast with the Swiss chocolate stuffed croissant, two scrambled eggs, applewood smoked bacon, and fruit salad. It was a great child’s plate in a restaurant that’s not really child-friendly.

All in all it was a pleasant experience and we plan to return for dinner someday soon sans child.


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