Eros Bistro – A ‘soft’ review

They are so new that they’re not on Urban Spoon yet. Hopefully by the time we go back for dinner our submission will be approved and they will be available on US so we can include that link.


Eros Bistro is located in the old New Moon Cafe location at 1002 Broad Street. We came in around three o’clock on a Saturday afternoon. There were very few people and all we wanted was to sample the menu which offers a wide selection of Italian and Greek fare. Since we were only in for an afternoon snack, we were disappointed to find so many appetizers and coffees were unavailable. The waitress, overly apologetic,  informed us that this was due to their “soft opening” and their grand opening would follow in roughly two weeks. We requested the Saganaki and were told they were officially out but the chef had half a portion left and offered it to us at no charge since our 9 year old wanted to see flaming cheese. We then ordered both the Dolma and Cannoli along with a hot chocolate, Greek cafe and Coke. While consuming our order, we witnessed the very large portions of entrees being served to other patrons. There is no question that if you are hungry, this is the place to go. The setting is currently sparse but you can tell that the business aims to be so much more. There is an area in which a bar will occupy as is noted by the unfinished plumbing and bar stools against the back left wall. It is elegantly appointed and the waitstaff are dressed professionally. We surmise that unruly children will be unwelcome here but have no fear, there IS a children’s menu. We failed to take a photo or pay attention to menu prices but with what we ordered (1 appetizer, 1 dessert, 1 coffee, 1 hot chocolate and a soda) it came to $20. We look forward to their official grand opening and will definitely return to take advantage of their full menu.


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